Henderson repairs

If you live in the Oxfordshire area please contact us for a quotation to fit the cones and cables and spindles as this work is potentially dangerous due to the power of the spring that is being restrained by the cables and spindles.

Locks vary depending on the type and year the garage door was manufactured we carry a wide range of replacement locks.
The following information may help you identify the problem and part required.
The pictures below shows Henderson cones left and right ,in normal operation the cables wrap around the cones as the door lifts they are located at both ends of overhead spring assembly , cables can break, fray or as shown in the picture on the left tangle. The cones are sometimes black with black plastic coated cables .These are replaced and supplied as a pair.

Henderson produced a newer version of their canopy door that requires a different cone and cable the main difference is that the cable does not have a loop on the end that attaches to the spindle as the earlier type did. 

Below shows a spring  support bracket  the left picture shows  a broken bracket the right bracket is ok  it wraps around the spring to keep the spring in place note your bracket may look slightly different depending on the age of the door please order

Below shows two different types of spindle mountings but both use the same circlip type spindle the roller on the left has been removed from the track to show the flat spot, this will no longer roll up and down within vertical track it will only slide this makes the door stiff to operate which can result in tangled cables and will eventually ware away this needs to be replaced they come as a pair please order

Below  shows  bolt on  type spindle they come as a pair please order

Below shows a later type spindle order notice there is no loop on the cable

Parts for Henderson retractable garage doors are also available springs, rollers, and link arms
there are many variations possible please contact us to discuss which part is correct for you door you have.