Cardale door repairs

If you live in the Oxfordshire area please contact us for a quotation to fit the cones and cables and spindles as this work is potentially dangerous due to the power of the spring that is being restrained by the cables and spindles.

The cones and cables ,spindles and locks vary depending on the type and year the garage door was manufactured we carry a wide range of replacement cardale parts.
The following information may help you identify some of the parts required.
The pictures below shows Cardale Hex cones the first  picture shows cable broken ,in normal operation the cables wrap around the cones as the door lifts they are located at both ends of overhead spring assembly , cables can break, fray or tangle. The cones are different depending on the year the garage door was manufactured,these are replaced and supplied as a pair.

Cardale produced a garage door that had the spring fitted across the door about 1/3 of the way up the cones travel up the side tracks as the door opens these cones and cable can be replaced with great care.Picture  show the replacement cones and cables

Cardale also produce a garage door with a drum clock spring fitted above the door these are now obsolete but as long as one cable is still attached and the spring unit still has tension the cables can be replaced but once tension is lost the unit cannot be retensioned. The picture shows a broken cable.

New cardale barrel type showing cable tangled